Dr. Jon's Comedy Hypnosis Show

"You were the best corporate entertainer we ever had. I have never heard so much laughter from an audience!" - Lisa Bogle, Human Resources Professional, Federal Express Freight, Inc.

Want to make your company or organization's next entertainment unforgettable? Call Dr. Jon Taylor today! You'll be amazed at Dr. Jon's ability to turn your guests into 5-Star Guests of his Comedy Hypnosis Show! A certified hypnotist and therapist, Dr. Jon understands what makes people laugh. When you hire Dr. Jon as your corporate entertainment, you can expect FUN, CLEAN, and UPSCALE comedy hypnosis. Each hypnosis show is unique and a lifetime of memories are created - so bring your cameras! Dr. Jon's Comedy Hypnosis Show is also perfect for Cruise Lines, High School Grad/Prom parties, College/University orientations - plus lots more!

Call 800-347-0761 and find out now if Dr. Jon is available as your featured entertainment!

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